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Pool FAQs


At Atlantis Pool Service we believe that an informed customers is our best customer!  We’ve provided the following information to help you better understand the functioning of your swimming pool and dispel some common misunderstandings surrounding water chemistry, pool maintenance, and system components:

Pool Ownership Class (aka “Maintenance 101”): On select Saturday mornings and weekday evenings during the spring and summer months, we provide a hands-on “Maintenance 101” class at our demo pool in Cranston, RI. In this class you will learn everything you need to know about maintaining your pool on a weekly basis throughout the season. Topics covered are pool vacuuming and cleaning, water testing, chemical balance, and routine system maintenance. Contact us if you would like more information about our M101 Class!

Pool Ownership Calendar:  “What should I be doing NOW?”  is the number one question we get throughout the year.  Don’t know when you should open your pool?  Don’t know when is a good time to schedule various services?  Check out our Pool Calendar for a list of things you should be doing month by month throughout the year to get the most out of your swimming pool!

Swimming Pool Heating:  People often ask about various options for heating their swimming pool.  For more information out our Swimming Pool Heating Page.