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Leak Detection

No one wants to have a leak in their swimming pool, but when the inevitable happens it is important to diagnose and resolve the situation as quickly as possible.  There are many different types of leaks that can occur in a swimming pool and the procedures to detect and repair them vary from situation to situation.  At Atlantis we have 20 years of experience finding and repairing all varieties of leaks.  Whether the leak is in an underground pipe beneath a concrete deck, a hole in the liner, or a failed light conduit we have the tools and expertise to resolve your leaking issues quickly and efficiently.

RI Swimming Pool Leak Detection Repair SCUBA Dive


Leak Detection Procedures:



  • Verifying the presence of a leak
  • Calculating the size of the leak
  • Determining the nature of the leak (pool body, underground piping, or filtration system)

Testing Options

  • Pressure testing underground piping to determine failed lines and pinpointing leak location
  • SCUBA dive of pool to locate and verify pool body leaks

Repair Options

  • Underwater vinyl patching
  • Underwater epoxy sealing
  • Deck cut with diamond saw, underground pipe repair, and re-cementing deck